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Generally this blog covers news and issues in Greenwich, Charlton, Blackheath, Woolwich and Kidbrooke – with occasional forays a short way beyond. More often than not, this involves Greenwich Council and the way it is run.

This site can broaden its sights when it fancies, like on transport issues, council cuts and rubbish planning issues – there’s plenty of those in south-east London – but there’s plenty mentioned in the previous paragraph to be getting on with.

Time to investigate new stories is very, very limited and I’m usually rubbish at replying, but all information is appreciated. Please don’t send me links to stories other people have done – such as another local blog or a local newspaper – unless you can tell me something new that they’ve missed.

For the same reason, I’m sadly unable to run posts plugging events, which is something I’m really sorry about. I’d love to find an automated solution, but being on a free platform limits what this site can do.

Finally, if you’re asking whether living in XXXX area of south-east London is going to be a good “investment” for you, you can definitely clear off.

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