853’s comments policy

This site welcomes all kinds of thoughts – supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise. That’s the point of it – to get a discussion going.

All constructive contributions are gratefully accepted. But to maintain a civilised and welcoming space for people to talk about issues in, and one that’s easy to follow, it has some rules.

It won’t publish comments that are…

* anonymously posted
* defamatory
* abusive (go and shout at the bins by the off-licence instead)
* off-topic (please e-mail me if it’s that exciting)
* contain ad-hominem attacks (“play the ball, not the man”)
* tediously pedantic (nobody likes a smart-arse)
* promoting hate of any kind
* obviously spam

Comments from those create multiple identities will also be deleted (“Sockpuppets“) – please use one name and stick with it. For this reason, please use a proper e-mail address too.

Those who have caused trouble on other sites may also be blocked from appearing here.

Occasionally WordPress gets overeager and might spam-trap your comment. If you think there’s a problem, let me know. Sometimes comments unexpectedly end up in a moderation queue. Don’t take it personally, it happens.

Don’t like these rules? Go and start your own site, then.

Thank you.