Beer Box: Greenwich’s Peninsula Square finally springs into life

Meantime Brewery Beer Box, 7 August 2014
Seven years after the O2 opened, finally, finally, the miserable open space outside, Peninsula Square, has started to look like the “new leisure destination for Londoners and tourists alike” promised back then.

Meantime Brewery's Beer Box, 7 August 2014

New York band We Are Scientists opened up Meantime Brewery’s Beer Box with a blistering free live show last night. It looks like the Beer Box, on empty land above the Jubilee Line tunnels, is only around for a little while – it was only erected over the last 10 days – but hopefully the shot of life it’s brought to this long-wasted space will last for a while longer.

Meantime Brewery Beer Box, 7 August 2014

Fingers crossed, it’ll stay and there’ll be more live events here. Keep the bar, sort out the big screen showing inane promos, and perhaps Peninsula Square will be something Greenwich can be proud of, instead of an embarrassment that’s walked through as quickly as possible.


  1. Omar

    Bar staff tell me it’s there for 3 years, Thursday to Sunday. Definitely a most welcome addition especially as the brewery is on the peninsula. Hopefully more to follow in the marketing suite building from September too.

  2. Rob

    Yes it’s going to be here for a while. A lot of good things happening nearby now, including the jetty. I get so tired of this blog’s constant negativity about the Peninsula. We get it, you think it’s all a terrible dystopian catastrophe full of shattered dreams and broken promises. Point made. Now try covering some of the positive things happening in the area without that constant bitterness spilling through at the same time.

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