Olympic security shock: Who let this lot into Greenwich?

You’d think with all the military firepower we’ve got surrounding us at the moment we could have done something… oh well, time to prove this ignorant fathead wrong, eh? Bring on the Games!

Places to watch the opening ceremony (show starts at 9pm) – and the next two weeks of action

Greenwich: King Charles Lawn, Old Royal Naval College
Greenwich: Peninsula Festival (Area 12, West Parkside – yes, the site’s starting to look ready)
Blackheath: The Lewisham Big Screen (off Tranquil Vale)
Woolwich: The BBC big screen in General Gordon Square


  1. TGP

    Thank you for that, that vision is going to live with me throughout the day, a sort of visual ear-worm.

  2. Lucy N.

    Apparently “Mitt” is attempting to show he’s knows about foreign relations….by coming to the Olympic Games????

    Wife has horse in dressage competition….as Jay Leno says that’s “horse ballet”. Presume that’ll be Greenwich, Daryl…lucky you.

  3. Darren

    To be fair at least Mitt managed to get Romney road in the background, thus showing us all that whilst he maybe a completely liability when it comes to international relations, at least he can recognize his own name (so one up on George W Bush!)

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