Greenwich’s Thames Path to be shut for Olympics

The Thames Path close to the Millennium Dome will stay closed for another year, cutting off a link between the Olympic venue and Greenwich town centre during the 2012 Games.

Developers are to construct a new path and river defence along the west side of the Greenwich Peninsula, on the stretch leading south from Drawdock Road, by the O2’s service entrance – adjacent to the site of the Peninsula Festival’s proposed beach and a section that closed without warning in August.

A part of the walk further south, at Morden Wharf – the old Tunnel Refineries plant – is expected to re-open in mid-November after work on the river wall.

The path around the peninsula is currently closed between Banning Street and Drawdock Road, forcing pedestrians and cyclists to use the pavement at the Blackwall Tunnel entrance, and at the site of the mayor’s cable car project just south of North Greenwich Pier.

The Thames Path closure makes it the first Greenwich infrastructure project to fail to meet the deadline of July’s Olympic opening ceremony, and denies spectators the chance to take the riverside walk between the Dome – which is staging gymnastics and basketball competitions – and the town centre.

But uncertainty surrounds work on Greenwich Foot Tunnel – and its sister crossing at Woolwich – after Greenwich Council conirmed they would now not be fully reopened until next year.

Cutty Sark Gardens remains largely closed for rebuilding work, while the ship itself is due to reopen in April after a troubled restoration project.

Last week, Transport for London executive Mike Brown said he could not guarantee the cable car to Royal Victoria Dock would open in time for the Olympics, but said the path would open “as soon as possible”.


  1. Steve

    The foot tunnel(s) issue is a fiasco. I was expecting, after the stairs were re-opened having been closed for months (putting people at the mercy of the unreliable lifts), that the stairs would be all new-looking and refurbished. However they look just the same as they did before, which makes one wonder what exactly they HAVE done to them.

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