Crawling for glory

In last place in this year's marathon...
Keep an eye out for this fella over Easter – fundraiser Lloyd Scott is crawling along the marathon route raising funds for Action For Kids.

I just bumped into him on Woolwich Road, Charlton, and he’ll be spending Easter navigating his way through Greenwich, Deptford and Rotherhithe at a pace of a mile a day. You can see more on his blog.


  1. Mary

    Wonderful! I had seen it (him??) several times but didn’t realise what he (it??) was doing. Each time there was a little crowd round it (him???).

  2. marmoset

    What a gloriously mad way of spending your time. I think I’ll pop out and take a photo of him – but as I’m by the 7-mile mark I may have to wait a day or so. Any idea what the crawling hours are?

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