Knife incident at Westcombe Park station!/freudhasdreams2/statuses/52469111279730688

It’s not clear exactly what happened, and I’m sure others will fill in the story later, but as I type the Kent-bound platform at Westcombe Park is closed, and about half-an-hour ago I saw a policeman retrieve a kitchen knife from the track. Hopefully it isn’t a serious incident.

All of which prompts me to ask – when was the last time you saw police or security guards on a Southeastern train after 8pm? Maybe twice in the past year, for me – and one of those was New Year’s Eve.

11:05PM UPDATE: Thanks to Michael Ephraim, who tells me via Twitter: “I was on the train. A gang of youths were fighting and one of them a big kitchen knife. not what I was expecting on the way home.”


  1. Brenda

    Well I would have been absolutely terrified to get caught up in something like that on my way home. Grim.

  2. Abstractnoise

    As I Tweeted last night, in light of this incident it’s not very encouraging to know that Westcombe Park’s local police station is essentially an office area of some description, not a public-facing station. Even then, it’s in such a poor state of overgrowth and external disrepair that it looks like it’s completely out of action.

    If anyone *had* information about a crime, needed to make a plea for help, or had some lost property to hand in, they have to go elsewhere. Nearest stations are at least 30mins walk away – hardly convenient or confidence-inspiring.

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  4. Mary

    Interested in what Abstractnoise has to say about the general state of Westcombe Park Station – about which I could write several very large volumes!!! Can I encourage Abstractnoise to contact me ( if he/she is not already one of the regulars on this subject.

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