Great developer rebrandings, number 2: ‘Greenwich Creekside’


  1. Lucy Neville

    I live on the next set of hills along towards London from you lot, and I remember finding an estate agent describing our road in the blurb for a neighbour’s expensively priced house as being in “Upper Camberwell”. Sure there’s some metaphor lurking in there.

  2. Scott

    Strangely this tiny bit of the other side of the creek is in Greenwich Borough. The disturbing part is who would want to live next to that creek?

  3. marmoset

    Have a look at the Foxton’s map. They’re directing people to the waste ground outside the Birds Nest. Mess with addresses and they’ll mess with you 🙂

  4. Darryl

    Scott – nothing strange about it at all, Greenwich borough extends up to Watergate Street and includes Deptford Green. It used to go up to Grove Street until the 90s, and even had a bit of Deptford High Street.

    Marmoset – maybe the Birds Nest bus is to be converted into bijou living spaces?

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