Cripes, chaps, leave our BoJo alone!

It isn’t just me that’s bemused by the coverage about Boris Johnson using some industrial language to a Labour MP, is it? (No, it isn’t.) I’ve got a funny feeling that maybe this is the dear old Evening Standard’s way of telling the mayor that it won’t be his lapdog anymore – it’s been bought out, has a new editor, and the new management wants to free it from the shackles of being the Baby Mail. So how better to mark your independence than by pouring a bucket of the brown stuff over the man you’ve so slavishly served for the past couple of years? In any case, it means the penny’s finally dropped at Stunted Towers that the 2008 mayoral election finished months ago…

It’s sad, and peculiarly British, to pull politicians up on things like this – one of the successes of the London mayoralty, whatever your political colours, is that it has attracted two colourful men who aren’t afraid to disregard the party line. Hounding them for effing and jeffing will just rid of the mavericks we need to make London’s desperately dull politics even slightly bearable.

Anyway, the real reason I said this is because I heard a good joke about the mayor tonight. “Snow day provided a vision of the glorious future we all face under Boris – all white and no buses.”


  1. AdamB

    “Snow day provided a vision of the glorious future we all face under Boris – all white and no buses.”

    I can see you’ve been talking to a man called Chris…

    I’m not sure Boris has been hounded over this story. It’s only really the Standard (strangely enough) that have got on their high horses about it. Even Ken Livingstone has defended him. For the rest of us it’s just funny.

  2. darryl853

    Well spotted!

    Yeah, it is funny… but at least one TV news channel did get rather excited about it, as if it was important.

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