Some travel warnings

I was going to post something exciting about what I did at the weekend, but I’m too tired for that, so here’s a dull but hopefully useful post about transport.

Thinking of travelling by train on the Greenwich line, or the North Kent line, on Tuesday evening? Forget it – it’s Charlton versus Crystal Palace at The Valley tomorrow, it kicks off too early at 7.45pm, there are no extra trains, and it will be a very grim ride home indeed. London Bridge station is likely to be particularly gruesome. Seriously, forget it. Take the Tube, or treat yourself to a boat home. And thank your lucky stars you won’t actually be at the match, which promises to be gruesome and the cause of a bad mood round at 853 Mansions on Wednesday to leave me hoarse on Wednesday after smashing the twerps from Croydon 1-0.

Want more? How about some advance notice of 10 weeks of traffic problems on Blackheath? There, you knew you’d be pleased you read this post, eh?


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