When Obamamania goes wrong

Oh dear – if you live in Lewisham, ask your local councillor what they were doing last night

COUNCILLORS spent more than 20 minutes praising American President Barack Obama at a council meeting last night, leaving no time to discuss other issues affecting Lewisham residents.

A motion tabled by mayor Sir Steve Bullock to recognise the importance of Mr Obama’s inauguration took priority over other motions such as the provision of free school meals for all.

The meeting was ended before councillors had time to discuss the motion tabled by Green councillor Darren Johnson.

There was also lots on astronomy, according to another councillor, Lib Dem Andrew Milton. Good to see the wheels of democracy turning well up the road.


  1. Sue Luxton

    It was very frustrating. It was already the second time it had fallen off the agenda due to Labour fillibstering. In the Green Group we’re fairly disciplined and generally think that one Green speaking on an issue is sufficient, but the battle of the egos going on in the other groups means that lots of them feel compelled to expound at great length on every motion.

    Glad the Newsshopper journalist picked up on this!

  2. AdamB

    I’m surprised the Daily Mail haven’t got their slippery fingers on to this one. It’s tailor-made for Littlejohn or Phillips surely?

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