853’s Advent Calendar – days 22, 23 and… 24!

Delayed again by, um, forgetting my camera and still not feeling very well. But there are those who are less fortunate this Christmas…

Lost toy dog
Poor old Patch. Reckon he’s hiding somewhere?
Gift tags
Woolworths in Lewisham was a sad scene of carnage today – empty DVD racks, shelves containing stuff which hadn’t been bought in years… and signs saying that even the fixtures and fittings were up for sale. The pick ‘n’ mix looked well-stocked, though…
My Christmas present to myself
My Christmas present to myself. And yes, it’s bloody brilliant.

And that’s that – presents wrapped, lurgy nearly vanquished, almost time to hit the pub after a week of illness-inforced teetotalism. Hooray! Whatever you’re doing, I hope it goes with a swing. Happy Christmas.


  1. blackheathbugle

    I have only one recommendation for you… Instapaper for the iPhone… Best use I’ve found for the thing. The wordpress app crashes on me all the time though. Happy tapping!

  2. darryl853

    I think having no WordPress on there might be a blessing in disguise for me! Thanks for the tip!

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