Essential Nappies

This was Essential Music...
14 months ago this was Essential Music, the best record shop in Greenwich. After a year empty, it’s now a posh baby shop.

While I genuinely wish the people behind Beauty and the Bib well – hey, it’s not a crap chain store, at least – there’s something a bit depressing about Greenwich Market’s slow shift into selling lifestyle accessories. A sign of the times we live in, I suppose. I hope the new shop thrives, but another bit of the old Greenwich seems to have faded away.


  1. Clare Griffiths

    While I wish them all the best, there is nothing in there that I could hope to afford! I’ll have to stick to NCT sales and hand me downs I’m afraid. I’m just not yummy enough for Greenwich (as I realise when I’m charging round the park on a Friday trying to keep C asleep that bit longer). It’s like a different world.

  2. Rev. Dolly

    I was in “Pets and the City” on Friday. Now there’s a sign there’s people in this borough with too much money.

    Even the Flying Duck has gone upmarket!

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