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Midsummer Madness 2013: Greenwich to Primrose Hill

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Cutty Sark Gardens, 21 June 2013
At 2am this morning, 47 cyclists left Cutty Sark Gardens…

Southwark Needle, 21 June 2013
At 2.30am, 25 more joined in at London Bridge…

Southwark Needle, 21 June 2013
And one chap proved you didn’t need two wheels to join in.

Frith Street, 21 June 2013
3am, and five more joined in as we stopped for espressos at Bar Italia…

Primrose Hill, 21 June 2013
4.04am on top of Primrose Hill, and the capital was slowly lighting up…

Primrose Hill, 21 June 2013
Would 77 cyclists get the sunrise they were looking for?

Primrose Hill, 21 June 2013
4.42am: Nope. But there was fine company, dogs to play with and a gentleman greeting the dawn with bagpipes.

Tooley Street, 21 June 2013
Then the pleasure of cycling home through near-deserted streets. The Midsummer Madness ride is magic, from the procession up through London (particularly the reception you get in the West End!) to the ride home. Thanks to ride leader Francis Sedgemore and the Dog and Bell Crew for organising and leading the ride (from Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark Cyclists).

Same time, same place next year?

Written by Darryl

21 June, 2013 at 7:15 am

Posted in cycling, local stuff

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