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How was your journey? Answer some questions about transport

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About the only downside to the arrival of the Paralympic Games is going to be seeing Charlton station once again packed full of people in tabards hanging around, not being very busy, making nuisances of themselves. Go on, give them something to do, and walk on the wrong side of the yellow line.

But once they’ve gone, and life gets back to normal, how do you want to see transport in south-east London develop? A committee of Greenwich councillors wants to know how you use trains and buses in and around the borough, and what issues you face. It’s pretty rare for Greenwich councillors to reach out like this, so give them a hand by filling in the survey, and they might do it some more. Anyway, if someone asks what you think, it’s only polite to answer, isn’t it?

Secondly, there’s a consultation out about what to do with the Southeastern franchise when it runs out in 2014. I know what I think should happen to it, but what about you? The actual Government consultation is of the kind designed to deter normal people, so smart chappy Tom Royal has designed a user-friendly version. If you use the trains in this part of London, make sure you fill it in, or someone else – perhaps someone who thinks Southeastern are just okay – will do it and claim to represent you. (And you think I’m joking…)

Written by Darryl

29 August, 2012 at 7:29 am

2 Responses

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  1. [...] edition of propaganda rag Greenwich Time doesn’t mention it (and nor does it mention its transport survey, either). It’s probably being kept to those mysterious “key stakeholders” again. [...]

  2. [...] – which is supposed to act independently of leader Chris Roberts or council officers – published a survey last month to find out what the public thought of Transport for London and Southeastern services ahead of a [...]

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