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Drugstore open for business again

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The best thing to happen in music over the past few months? The reforming of late-90s/early-00s band Drugstore, fronted by the wonderful Isabel Monteiro.

Best known for El Presidente with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke’s, Isabel’s beguiling live presence (and ever-present bottle of red wine) always guaranteed some wonderful shows. They faded away seven or eight years ago, but returned for a show at Dingwall’s in Camden in September while I was wandering around North America. Now they’re down to play the ICA (assuming it stays open) in May, and Isabel is tweeting like crazy. It’s great to have her back. Clips of them are few and far between on YouTube, and they barely feature on Spotify, but above is their set from Glastonbury in 1995.

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29 January, 2010 at 3:01 pm

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How the Shopper lost a bargain

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Sorry for the lack of exciting updates this week – attention’s been elsewhere, and I’m sure you’ve more exciting things to read than another whine about bins. But I did trot down to Woolwich Town Hall on behalf of greenwich.co.uk to see what was going on at Wednesday’s council meeting.

As you’ll see, Greenwich Time came up, getting a lashing from opposition councillors while the council leader attempted to give the News Shopper a lashing. Except he managed to get the publisher wrong, criticising Kentish Times publisher Archant when its rival Newsquest produces the Petts Wood-based paper.

Unfortunately… the News Shopper wasn’t there to hear itself criticised in the meeting. Its rival, the Mercury, was represented, but despite launching an attack on the council in last week’s paper, it didn’t show to see if anybody made any political capital out of it. Bearing in mind that it’s accepted journalistic wisdom that council meetings and courts are the bedrock of what a local paper should do, it does undermime its attack on Greenwich Time if it isn’t going to follow up the story by attending a council meeting.

I still agree with what it said, but the News Shopper has to raise its game and actually attend these meetings if its attacks on Greenwich Time are to maintain their credibility.

The sad thing is that it is not hard to go to a council meeting and get stories out of them – almost all the things discussed there have direct relevance to the lives of the people of Greenwich borough. Commuters who use Blackheath station may be pleased to hear that councillors spent half an hour discussing the recent cut of services there. There was some roundabout discussion about ice and grit from the snow, and how the council coped with that and its decision to prioritise gritting roads over pavements. There’s a nice story about a 13-year-old getting the council to consider building a skate park in Eltham, a petition about a dangerous road in Eltham (Court Road, should you be interested), fears expressed about asbestos and the Ferrier Estate demolition, and there was a full-blown row about second homes and empty council housing. And a few digs at Bexley, as is traditional. Together with the stuff chosen for greenwich.co.uk, that’s a fair chunk of the paper written.

The News Shopper isn’t the only paper to come up short – the Mercury’s stablemate, the South London Press, didn’t show at the last Lambeth Council meeting – despite the paper being a bitter critic of that council’s house newspaper.

Getting to the nub of how things are decided in Greenwich borough is a tough one. I’ve been directed to council meetings via a fire escape in the past, and the supply of papers to help residents follow council meetings is erratic to say the least, with questions not being published online or being placed in the council chamber. Proper coverage by both our local newspapers would be a step forward, but it’s not one they seem to be willing to take.

Incidentally, Lewisham Council voted on Wednesday to investigate the possibilities of webcasting and podcasting its meetings (a Green motion but one that seems to have had cross-party support). I think it’s a great idea. I hope Greenwich councillors are taking note.

I’d like to take that further – ever seen the BBC’s Democracy Live? It’s a wonderful invention, but seems limited by focusing on national and European government – even the London mayor’s question time isn’t featured live. (It’s little known, but you can also watch all parliamentary committees live on, well, Parliament Live.) It’s never going to beat Coronation Street in the ratings, but if local councils and the BBC could team up, so you could watch your own councillors in action, it’d be a great contribution to democracy.

And who knows, it might even help local journalists cover these meetings too. It saves waiting for the bus outside Woolwich Town Hall in the rain…

I still don’t like Mondays – and here’s why

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Here’s how the bin men left my street after their weekly visit.

Pavements blocked? Check…

Awkwardly dumped wheelie-bins? Check…

Making life hard for people with buggies? Check…

Rotting teabags scattered over the pavement. Check!

Not really fitting of a “royal borough”, eh? And this was after the pavements were blocked by full-up wheelie bins all afternoon. I called Greenwich Council to have a word and hopefully they’ll come back to finish the job off properly (sweeping the mess up, as opposed to kicking over the wheelie bins and making more of a mess). Maybe they’ll even do it right first time next week. Here’s hoping, eh?

Written by Darryl

25 January, 2010 at 7:15 pm

Down the Nags Head

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So, who saw Rock & Chips last night? I wandered down to the Pelton Arms, which played the Nags Head in BBC1’s Only Fools and Horses prequel, where it was being shown specially. Big cheers broke out at the sight of Caradoc Street in the show, and of the pub itself… but the landlord hadn’t connected the TV to his PA system and was left feeling a bit of a Rodney. Hey-ho.

As a result… I haven’t actually watched it, but what I saw looked impressive. I’m getting increasingly keen on the Pelton as well, where the staff seem to be cracking the nut of how to attract a younger crowd without diluting the feeling of being inside a proper pub. I’ll have to catch up with Rock & Chips on the iPlayer, and I hope to catch up with the Pelton again soon, too.

Written by Darryl

25 January, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Reckon there’s an election coming up?

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As a wiser man than me said, “Where’s the ‘come and get your free money’ headline, eh, eh??”

Incidentally, the boss of the firm which prints Greenwich Time has been, er… slagging off council newspapers. “The abuse of taxpayers’ money to peddle council propaganda dressed up as journalism is an outrage which must be stopped.” I look forward to Sly Bailey ending Trinity Mirror’s contract to print Greenwich Time, then. Proof that not all is simple in this debate.

Written by Darryl

25 January, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Glenn Tilbrook back at the Anchor & Hope

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He had to pull out of last week’s show, but Squeeze man Glenn Tilbrook is due to play another free show with his band The Fluffers at the Anchor & Hope, on the Charlton riverside, on Tuesday evening. I was at the first show and it was a damn good night. Here’s a taste of what to expect…

Written by Darryl

24 January, 2010 at 8:00 am

Lucky Soul – White Russian Doll

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I’m posting this because 1) it’s brilliant, 2) Lucky Soul are mates of mine, 3) this blog has been so dry this week it needs livening up, and 4) I went to see the Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll yesterday and it was great, and I’ve run out of time to wax lyrical about it, and 5) this blog needs some more music.

Oh, and it reminds me how I really want to stow away on a sleeper train and go to Berlin. Soon.

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22 January, 2010 at 9:00 am

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